Privacy Policy

I. Range

1. This Privacy Policy applies to each device, regardless of whether you access the Service from a computer, mobile phone, tablet or TV.
2. Information we collect:
2.1. Information communicated directly to us.
2.2. Location information.

II. Use and share information

1. We use the collected information inter alia to:
1.1. understand how the user is using the site so that it can be improved;
1.2. provide a commercial offer - with the user's consent
1.3. for other purposes - with the user's consent.
2. share user information:
2.1. Business Partners - trusted companies that can communicate information about products and services that a user might like.
2.2. law enforcement authorities - when we have such obligation or to protect 4Hawks and users.

III. Cookies

1. Cookies are small files that store information on your computer, TV, mobile phone, or other device. They allow the person who placed the cookies on your device to recognize you on different websites, services, across devices, or during different search sessions. Cookies have many useful features. E.g:
2. Cookies can remember your logins, so you do not have to type them each time you sign in to the service.
3. Cookies help us and other outside entities understand which parts of our Services are most popular, as they help us see which sites and features visitors are using, and how much time they spend on such sites. By analyzing this information, we are better able to customize the Service and offer the user a better experience.

IV. Contact Us

4Hawks sp. z o.o.
Iwiny, ul. Polna 1
52-116 Wrocław, Poland
+48 71 346 50 60
+48 577 667 761

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